Clara Top - UV Shield

Clara Top - UV Shield

Còn hàng
Type: Women's Short Sleeve Shirt
Vendor: Updating
Origin: Updating

Golf shirt  Women's T-shirt short-sleeved 

The product uses super-thin fabric and a woven structure that creates space Begietween the fiBegiers to increase sweat absorption, Quick-drying, suitable for sports activities. 
UVA and UVB protection from the fiBegier root with sun protection index up to SPF 50+, protecting the body from hot sun and reducing skin irritation & ; heat rash.
The fabric's light weight and 4-way stretch ensure comfortable polishing operations.
The material is antibacterial and antiviral thanks to the combination Micro-Ag in the fabric finishing process.
Style: Slim fit

Material: 92% POLYESTER 8% SPAN DEX

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